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Leather Vests – The Ideal Summer Wear

Tue, 10/18/2011 - 12:28AM by PiageMoore 0 Comments -

As Mungo Jerry says ‘In the summertime when the weather is high, you can stretch right up and touch the sky’. Summer time is almost here and its time to drench yourself with a gorgeous summer wardrobe. It’s time to put away all those fur coats and full sleeved jackets. Bring out the shorts and the skirts! It’s time to start loving the warm climate and the bright sunshine!

Denim cutoffs and tiny skirts are probably high on the list this summer. But then again that’s something everyone will be wearing. What can you do to make it different? How do you pick a look that will stand out from the rest? How do you achieve an appearance that is guaranteed to up the temperatures by at least another 20 degrees?

The answer to it all – leather vests! Just a simple touch of leather to an outfit can take it from normal to ultra trendy. Leather is big this year. Yet, leather as a material is naturally conditioned to keep you warm. So how does one use leather to create that ravishing look? The answer as pointed out earlier – leather vest!

A leather vest is usually a simple sleeveless coat – in fine leather and varies in length from above the waist to hip length. They are super attractive and add oomph to the outfit. Leather vests of course are blessed with all the characteristics of this beautiful material. They are rugged, durable, practical and strong! A leather vest manages to have a contradictory softness about its appearance – something that works perfectly with women. Unlike stereotypes, leather vests do come in a variety of colors – right from hot pink and deep red to the traditional blacks and browns.

Here are a few great summer combinations for men and women this summer. Remember to choose a color that you like and would love to see yourself in.

1.    Leather Vest + Skirt:

Combine a bright short layered chiffon skirt with a deep tan brown leather vest. Wear the vest plain. If you have an envious mid riff then all the better for the image. The whole appearance with just that hint of skin looks fantastic!

2.    Leather Vest + Denim cutoffs:

Once again a marvelous blend! Combine a simple bright colored leather vest – plain is better – but if you wish you can add a tank top inside with a pair of typical faded blue denim cut offs. You could not have grabbed the summer look better

3.    Leather Vest + Denims/ Cargos:

With this look, men can be guaranteed that they will attract plenty of glances. Choose a crisp white cotton tee shirt and team it with a simple leather blazer. Add this combination to a pair of straight fit denims or cargos.

Remember that leather vests have a rather rakish appeal. While women look hot wearing if over plain skin, men should preferably try to team it up with an inner. You do not want to come off as a little too enthusiastic.


Leather Shorts: Fall Seasons latest Fad

Tue, 09/06/2011 - 6:16AM by PiageMoore 0 Comments -

Offering an alternative to trousers or a skirt this particular winter, leather pants are taking over both red carpet and also the streets. Whether you are dance the night away in a night club or even lunching at a high culture cafe, leather pants let you channel your own inner bad woman without sacrificing your politeness. The leather brief is a new just about all season addition which captures cools nature and a style revolt at its greatest.
Something tells me fake leather shorts are a key piece during my fall wardrobe this season, because of its versatility as well as edginess. How will I put on the shorts?

Here are some ways:
•    Leather shorts really are a statement on their own and so I will keep the rest of my personal outfit simple and refined.
•    Leather shorts look great along with black tights or even sheer black hose pipe.
•    Leather shorts appear fab with an installed, sharp tuxedo design jacket or a blazer, which I’ve plenty of.
•    I'll avoid anything too attractive or provocative. I believe the key with leather-based shorts is too appearing pulled together.

Ok, some may say that the girls' extremely toned legs tend to be what make this appear work, but all of us disagree. Bare thighs may be best left to people brave folk in our midst, but teamed along with thick woolly tights as well as ankle boots, leather-based shorts are a adorable alternative for a winter season look. For an evening undertake the trend, just suit your tights to your footwear to elongate as well as flatter your originates. Style watchers concur that not every woman appears good in a set of leather shorts. Nevertheless, if you would prefer to display a bit more leg, after that hot pants are the best bet. Hot trousers, yes another great time from the past, have returned and sexier than ever before, especially ones made from leather. These itsy bitsy trousers keep the allure, really feel, and look of leather-based, but still showcase your own killer games. What man could possibly resist?


Women Look Glamorous wearing Leather Jumpsuits

Thu, 08/25/2011 - 6:03AM by PiageMoore 0 Comments -

Leather jumpsuits are just one piece casual attire which are designed for special purposes lie sky diving, gliding, guess everyone remembers the jumpsuits worn by women of the 60s. Today, there are a various jumpsuits for practical and chic purposes, though they may not be a commonly donned type of clothing.
Opt for a color. Fashionable jumpsuits are available in various colors and habits, but basic dark-colored is probably the most popular alternative. These leather jumpsuits are available only in form fitting revealing your curves; many women try to get these in dark colors as they are useful in hiding many flaws. Leather jumpsuits have been the latest trend in the fashion industry. Distinct materials hug could curves in different ways, and several are more flattering as opposed to runners towards lumps and bumps.
Leather jumpsuits are a bit expensive, so always make a wise decision. These jumpsuits are available online at affordable rates; the designer ones are pretty expensive. On the cheaper stop of the spectrum, your jumpsuits are usually made from manufactured fabrics and may stop sewn to very last.
Try on these jumpsuits for fit. Your current sizing in jumpsuits might not exactly match your sizing with other clothing, so it will be important to see the item of
your choice or take a look at the online retailers who follow flexible return policy.
Check the entire pant. Since jumpsuits are generally one-piece garments, the length inside legs won't in shape all proportions. Decide on jumpsuits with legs which might be either just right as well as too long, so they can always be hemmed to fit.
Take a moment in the jumpsuit to make sure they have enough give in your cut and the textile. A jumpsuit might search fabulous when upright, but it might be fully too tight while sitting. Also, a strong ill-fitted jumpsuit might bunch way up when you sit inside.
Warnings: -

For an adventurous night out, if you wish to scare your neighbors, then leather jumpsuits or the ones made using vinyl are some of the best options during Halloween’s night.

Always confirm your sizing chart, if you plan on ordering your jumpsuit online. The sizing chart is the only thing that these fashion websites depend on when you place an order Get the correct size or the jumpsuit will not fit your size.


Leather Apparels the Rage of Our Times

Sun, 08/21/2011 - 11:59PM by PiageMoore 0 Comments -

Why leather is always IN no matter what the season is and what the current trend is?…lets take quick trip into the world of leather and find out what makes it so special that we all over this fabric and dream of having a perfect leather apparel in our wardrobe.

Leather has always been the mankind’s buddy even during early ages…which means it was being used by our ancestors and forefathers; it all started when the prehistoric men used animal skins to protect themselves from cold or harsh weather…..or you never probably they wanted to attract a primitive woman with the trendy leather style of that time…….aneways what happened after that…lets check that out….

Leather was then refined as we become technologically sound and we had discovered different kinds of leather which could be used for different purposes and now lets find out as to why leather is used as a fabric….

•    Known for its durability leather is one fabric which does not loose its smoothness and feel over time.
•    Leather is a fabric which does not wrinkle unless you fold and store it away for a long time.
•    Biker’s first choice is leather jackets simply because of its windproof and waterproofing qualities.
•    Good fitting leather is always fits perfectly over the body making the wearer look stylish and trendy.

Leather jacket, leather pants, leather shorts leather dresses and many more have been the latest fashion rage among celebrities and their fans. Leather has been the epitome of the fashion industry fro many years now and they still continue to dominate the world of fashion with their soft and supple nature and durability.
Versatility is one feature that leather apparels offer; they can be paired or combined with any other fabric to create a dramatic look, unless you want to go the terminator way wearing full leather.

These are the main reasons why leather is preferred all over the world. Leather apparels are easily available online from web shops and leather apparels can also be customized giving it a shape and design that you desire.